Ross Merriam, Web Developer & Designer

Wave Productions

Wave Productions hired me in the summer of 2013 to revamp the website I had built for them two years earlier. This site website features a searchable archive of over 200 native HTML5 videos.

wave productions website

Site Features

Native Video

In order to have native video* be compatible across all browsers we need to host three different versions of the same file for each browser to be able to play the video. Luckily a convenient third-party application called Zencoder exists solely for this purpose.

*"Native Video" is video that is hosted on your own server and not via a third party service such as YouTube or Vimeo

When a user uploads a new video file the following workflow happens:

  1. A video file is uploaded to our Amazon S3 server
  2. A job is created using Zencoder's API
  3. As the files are encoded Zencoder uploads the files to our server
  4. Zencoder tells our app (the website that the job is complete)

Amazon S3

All our static files are hosted using Amazon's S3 CDN (content delivery network) which ensures our site loads as fast as possible for our site visitors.

Client Site

The staff a Wave Productions are in constant communication with clients through out the sound production process.

wave productions client website

One of the ways this communication happens is through a password protected "client's only" section of the site that works very similar to a file-sharing service such as dropbox, but with added features of being able to watch video and listen to audio directly in the browser, either from a desktop computer or from a mobile phone (the client site is responsive too).