Ross Merriam, Web Developer & Designer


Web developement and design have been a passion of mine for the last decade. Professionally, I began my career as the Web Editor for Geist Magazine. While still at Geist I transitioned to a part-time role and began taking on freelance clients where I was able to build relationships with some of Vancouver's most creative and innovative small businesses.

Working on and off as a freelance webdeveloper for the last five years has given me the ability to understand a client's needs and build products that are on time and meet / exceed their expectations. Freelancing has also allowed me to build a well rounded devops toolkit of skills on the front-end, back-end, and systems administration side of web development.

My first experience working for a digital agency was in 2011 where I worked for Invoke Media developing webapps for AOL, NBC, and Hy's Restuarants. With Invoke, and the massive campaigns I was fortunate to work on I learned how to fine tune and optimize the web applications I was building to deal with the amount of traffic these campaigns received.

For the last two years I've been at the digital marketing agency Direct Focus building an automated system for the deployment of their marketing campaigns as well as a customer management platform for the company to better handle customer support requests.